Thursday, December 31, 2009

Texas Red Light Cameras

For those of us who have been mailed a ticket from one of Texas' red light cameras, it can be a frustrating ordeal.  You may think to yourself, "How much lazier can we get?  We rely on cameras to issue tickets rather than having police officers do their job?"

I heard a story once (although this is not confirmed) that a Texas citizen was issued a ticket from one of these cameras with a picture of his traffic violation attached to the ticket.  Rather than mailing the appropriate fine, the gentlemen sent the State a picture of the cash.  The State, not amused, then sent the man a picture of handcuffs, to which he responded by promptly sending the appropriate payment - but in unrolled pennies.

Here is a recent story about a Texas lawyer who took another route to challenge a ticket that he received from a Dallas red light camera.  Maybe you can take a page out of his book if you are ever the gracious recipient of one of these automated tickets.