Friday, January 22, 2010

You've Been Evicted! Now Go to Prison for 25 Years

When it rains it pours.  For texan Joseph C. Ford, that phrase is more true than ever.  It's not enough that he was convicted of a sex offense which requires registration as a sex offender, but now he gets 25 years in prison for failing to update his registration within 7 days of an expected move even though he was evicted from his home.

The 10th Court of Appeals (Waco), in Ford v. State, recently upheld the conviction and sentence of the 19th District Court of McLennan County wherein Ford was convicted for violating Texas' sex offender registration statute (Tex.Code.Crim.Proc.Ann. art. 62.101(c)(Vernon 2006)).  Ford was evicted from his home.  Because of his eviction, Ford was unable to comply with the registration statute which requires a sex offender to update his new address with county officials at least 7 days prior to his move.  Although Ford's move was arguably unexpected, he was convicted and sentenced nonetheless.

I'm sure there's much more to this story, and the State was probably justified, but it appears that Ford got a raw deal.  Texas courts have no mercy on sex offenders (and rightfully so if you ask me).