Monday, March 29, 2010

Back from the Forensic Science Conference

I just returned from the NACDL 3rd Annual Forensic Evidence Conference in Las Vegas.  The program was a 2-day event featuring various presentations regarding the use of forensic evidence by criminal defense lawyers.  If you get the chance next year, I would definitely recommend attending - it will be in Las Vegas again and hopefully the craps tables will be just as hot!

One of the most interesting presentations (for me) was on the use of graphics in the courtroom.  G. Christopher Ritter, who wrote the book Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics, gave an excellent lecture with several graphical examples on how to appeal to juries through the use of graphics.

The other presentation that was particularly appealing, was given by the lead defense attorney for the Michael Peterson murder trial where he showed several intriguing clips from the documentary "The Staircase."  The focus of the lecture was on "junk science" and how to expose it to the jury.  "The Staircase" will be my next rental from the video store - it is a documentary that no criminal defense attorney should miss.

Now it's time to get back to blawgging.