Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Justice for None" - Book Review

Last month I received an email from a PR firm (News and Experts) asking if I would read and review the book "Justice for None" by author Jessica James.  I'm sure some of the other criminal defense blawggers out there received a similar request.  "Why not," I thought.  After all, I have ample time to read on my daily commute.  So they sent me the book and I put it aside until yesterday.

Before I provide my thoughts on the book, let me just say that I'm sure that I regularly violate the rules of proper grammar and punctuation on this blawg.  My writing is not perfect and I doubt it ever will be.  But..... my blawg posts are not bound and published and they certainly are not being professionally publicised, so surely that entitles me to some mistakes here and there.

As a published author myself (of a children's book, however), I understand how important a good review can be.  Unfortunately, I cannot provide such in this case.  I would prefer to write a positive opinion, but the misspellings (e.g. Pittsburgh spelled as Pittsburg) and other grammatical errors (e.g. subject-verb agreement, punctuation) in the Preface and first chapter of this book prevent me from offering a laudatory opinion.

As a disclaimer, I admit that I only read the Preface and first chapter, but it made me believe that my time would be sorely wasted if I continued on.  I was so distracted with the mistakes (my OCD tendencies kicking in), that I could not even focus on the substance (which, from what I could tell, was complete propaganda about how police officers, prosecutors, and judges are evil conspirators against justice).  I'll leave it at this, in my opinion (which is probably not worth that much), "Justice for None" is not "For Y'all."