Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Comment Rejected (Sorry SEO gurus)

As most bloggers do, I enjoy reading thoughtful comments.  It confirms that there is indeed someone out there reading my ramblings.  When I first began this blog, I published every comment that came in.  I was completely unaware of the SEO underground with its own agenda.  Now I’m wiser, savvier.  I can spot an SEO comment a mile away, and I reject them all.  This blog does not exist to drive traffic to your law firm.  If you write a thoughtful comment, even if you embed your firm’s link in the name, I will probably publish it.  But if you do as those listed below, your comment will be rejected.  I know that the SEO gurus could care less.  They probably submit thousands of comments a day, indiscriminately.  But they won’t be getting any link love here.

Here are some of the recent comments that I received and rejected (all from the same Criminal Defense firm in San Antonio).  Notice how the commenter does not even try to use a fake name – they just call themselves what they hope someone might be googling.  Shameless.

Comment from “San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney”
This is a very good post. Especially as it contains information I haven’t read before.
Comment from “San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney”
You have brought up very good details, appreciate it for the post.
Comment from “The DWI Sharks” (a.k.a. San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney)
Thank you for sharing this post about the Criminal Defense Attorney, this is a big help for me and to the others as well on how to choose the right criminal defense lawyer. Thanks again :)
It is abundantly clear (from the grammar and syntax alone) that these comments were not submitted by lawyers.  I enjoy writing this blog.  I enjoy reading slip opinions and other current legal issues and posting about them.  But this blog does not exist to help drive internet traffic to your law firm’s website.  Sorry SEOsters - find another way.