Friday, March 21, 2014

Defensive driving - a great way to get better auto insurance quotes

It's natural to look for more affordable solutions, especially when dealing with such a tedious thing as auto insurance. Sure, we all know that it's good thing to have a car insured, and that it can save a lot of money in case of an accident. But all this reasoning doesn't do much to the annoyance when you check for auto insurance quotes and see how much the thing will cost you. Yes, there are many ways to get more affordable auto insurance quotes, and there are even more articles on them. However, there's one method that is rarely considered despite its general usefulness: defensive driving.
What is defensive driving
Defensive driving is a set of rules and techniques that take the driver beyond the basic level of traffic rules. Developed by the specialists at the US National Safety Council during the 1960's as a way to train professional civilian and military drivers, the defensive driving concept has grown into an entire education subject over the decades. Now it is available through numerous public and private schools and courses, where you can get the respective training. But what does it train actually? Defensive driving is all about teaching the drivers how to avoid potentially risky situations while on the road and in traffic. The way you should act in various risky situations is also taught, which is important for minimizing the risk of collision. To put it simple, the principle is aimed at making a safer and more cautious driver out an ordinary one.
How it can help
It may look somewhat irrelevant to auto insurance quotes at first, but defensive driving can seriously affect your premiums once you complete the course. The logic is this: once you become a better and safer driver and have the certificate to prove it the insurer will downgrade your risk rating, which implies cheaper insurance. Since insurers are so sensitive about any form of risk assessment they are actually very glad when a car owner can provide a defensive driving certificate - this means that they can reduce the risk of an accident, and insurance claim respectively. So, from the insurance point of view it makes a lot of sense to enroll in defensive driving courses. Moreover, if you happen to have tickets, violations or penalty points on your driving record, in some states defensive driving courses can be used to eliminate some of these bad entries. Which, of course, means that you'll be able to get better auto insurance quotes.
How to start
Starting with defensive driving is quite easy. Since the courses are available virtually everywhere in the country, you should fine a school or course that is convenient for you in terms of schedule and location. Just make sure that they provide a fully legit certificate after the students complete the course, otherwise there's no point in enrolling. The process of learning itself can be different depending on the school you've signed up with. There may be different levels of proficiency or specialized courses for drivers in different trades. But in essence it's all about assessing the situation on the road adequately and knowing how to proceed in order to minimize risk. And that's certainly a great bonus to having cheaper auto insurance.