Sunday, March 25, 2012

Want More Texas Criminal Law?

Here at Liberty and Justice for Y'all, we try to post about most of the cases from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  At least the ones that are designated for publication. Sometimes we write about Federal cases and sometimes we cover cases from the various Texas Courts of Appeals.   But regardless of how hard we try, we just can't cover all of the cases - at least not with any meaningful detail.

So if you're a nerd like me, who enjoys reading slip opinions as they are released (and you don't want to sort through 15 different emails from the Courts subscription lists), you should check out Mark Bennett's site.  No, not Defending People (although that site is always a good read as well).  Texas Criminal Slip Opinions is another site he runs.  On it you will find all, yes all, of the Texas slip opinions from the District Courts of Appeals and the Court of Criminal Appeals.

Thanks Mark, for turning me onto this helpful site.  Since Mark posts the cases using HTML text, his site is a great place to start if you need to conduct research on recently released Texas cases.