Friday, October 18, 2013

The rise of luxury car rental companies

Whether going to a business meeting, high school reunion or simply desiring to enjoy a hot ride during the weekend, luxury car rental seems like a very good option. In fact, it seems so much of a good bargain that many car rental companies that offer luxury and exotic vehicle rental report a significant increase in revenue in this particular market. Luxury car rental companies are also popping up here and there, with the heaviest presence in high income areas such as South Florida or South California. But the market in general seems to be far away from saturation, a trait that many companies are trying to cash in on currently. But what's so special about luxury car rental that makes it such a hot topic right now?
Why renting luxury cars?
There are many different reasons why people choose to seek luxury vehicles with car rental companies. Most often such enquiries come from business travellers and executive who want to make an impression on their clients during a business meeting. And it's hard to overestimate the impression one can make when stopping by in a E-class Mercedes or Lamborghini Aventador. Rich people traveling abroad are another group of people who seek luxury cars, since they want to get the rides they are used to. But if you think that luxury car rental is only for the high class you're in for a big surprise. Many average income clients address car rental companies with luxury car request for various occasions like family events, reunions, partner meetings and other social activities where a luxury ride can serve as a great way to make an impression.
Isn't this expensive?
The first thing that everyone asks about luxury car rental is how expensive it is. Surprisingly, renting a luxury car can sometimes cost you as much as getting a mid-class economy sedan. And thanks to the increasing competition in this niche with new car rental companies entering it, it's very likely that the average prices will drop in the coming years. For example, a European company called Six Rent a Car operating in Tacoma-Seattle airport offers C-class Mercedes vehicles for only $50 per day. At the same time other companies offer the same vehicles for $250 and LAX. The prices can vary a lot and range from below $100 to over $1,000 per day, and it really makes a difference where you're renting and which vehicle you're trying to get. The variety of rides can also impress, ranging from the somewhat typical high-class Mercedes and Audi vehicles to really exotic options such as Jaguar and Bugatti vehicles, or even silver or gold body cars. In a market where the goods have to make a really good impression the only limit is your imagination and your wallet.
How hard it is to rent a luxury ride?
Surprisingly, renting a luxury vehicle can sometimes be much easier than renting an ordinary car. Since luxury rides aren't used as intensely as ordinary vehicles and are rarely taken as day-to-day vehicles, it's much easier to find and book the preferred car online. There are very rare occasions when the selected vehicle is not available - something very common when addressing car rental companies for ordinary cars. So, maybe, it's time to make yourself a present and rent the Porsche or Aston Martin you've been dreaming about for so long?