Friday, October 18, 2013

Using some discounts along with the free auto insurance quotes

You can see a lot of car owners raving about quote comparison these days. And it's not because they feel comfortable about their auto insurance that they are trying to compare as many quotes as possible. Of course, there's the recession everyone's blaming for all things possible for the last couple of years. But there's also a pronounced trend for auto insurance to become more expensive with each year passing. Since the medical and repair fees are constantly on the rise, so are the bills we all have to pay for having our car insured. Getting free auto insurance quotes for comparison is sure a good idea in this situation. Still, there's another little trick you might want to use when shopping around for your next policy - discounts.
Discounts are available from the vast majority of insurance providers in a wide range of circumstances. There are certain discounts that are more common against a large number of insurers, and there are also insurer-specific discounts provided by certain companies exclusively. Sure, it's easier to compare the universal auto insurance discount types as their quantity may be an additional factor when comparing free auto insurance quotes. That's why you need to learn about the most essential discount types available on the market:
Rewards for low mileage
The less you drive the safer you are rated by the insurance provider. So if your yearly mileage doesn't exceed a specific amount (usually 10,000 miles), you qualify for the low mileage discount that will cut your premium by 5-40% depending on the provider.
Benefits of unsiring multiple cars
Having more than one car in the household can actually be very beneficial in terms of insurance. Instead of buying separate policies for each car, cover them under a single policy and get a good discount. The more cars you have the more pronounces this discount will be.
Advantages of multiple policies with the same insurer
Large insurance companies usually provide different types of services to different groups of customers. If you happen to have an insurance product (home or health insurance, for example) with a company that also offers auto insurance, they will usually offer you a good discount for buying more products from them.
Rewards for good students
High school and college students usually face the most expensive policies because they are considered as high risk drivers. However, if you're a good student with an average of B or better then you can get a good cut from your premium.
Special group
Certain groups of car owners can also qualify for discounts. These include seniors, the military and government agency workers. Ask around to learn more about how to qualify.
Remember to combine discounts with comparison shopping with free auto insurance quotes.