Sunday, August 31, 2014

Finding auto insurance that is cheap is difficult, but not impossible if you have a DUI

If you have gotten a DUI, it might be difficult for you to find cheap auto insurance. Not only do you have to worry about your driving history affecting your premiums, but sometimes if you're driving history is bad enough you won't even be able to find a car insurance company that will accept you as a customer. You may be able to find cheap auto insurance with a little bit of effort, however, even if you have received one or more DUIs, or you are a high-risk driver for other reasons.
Having adequate car insurance is a legal requirement if you are going to operate a vehicle. This can make things difficult if you find yourself unable to locate a car insurance company that will accept you. For this reason, most states have their own car insurance programs that they set aside for the use of high-risk drivers. Although this might seem like the easiest option, it is likely a lot more expensive than your other options. It will be necessary to look at private options before going to the state if you want to save money and find cheap auto insurance.
When looking at private options, there are some companies that specialize in high risk drivers. Whichever companies you choose, your best bet is finding as many car insurance quotes that you can as this will provide you with the most opportunities to find cheap auto insurance.
Whenever you have a DUI and you are looking for cheap insurance you need to keep in mind that your rate is still going to be higher than the average rate. This means that you need to look at all of your options and find a cheap quote for you, and not compare it to your friends' and family's quotes, or what you used to pay for insurance. Here are some more tips that you can try to find cheap auto insurance if you are a high risk driver:
  • Discounts. Most, if not all, car insurance companies will offer some type of discount. Comparison-shopping is important here because you will want to find the car insurance company that will offer you the most discounts. With a DUI, you might not be eligible for many discounts, but some - such as a good student discount, safety and security features discount, age discount, and others should still be available.
  • Another way of saving money is by being a member of certain organizations, credit unions, or alumni groups. Certain groups might be affiliated with certain insurance companies, and certain groups may give discounts on different services. If you would like to research this option, you will need to contact insurance companies directly or speak with your organization.
  • One last way to save money is through the use of low mileage discounts. This discount is given when you stay under a certain amount of mileage each year. The amount of miles allowed depends on the insurance company and what you agree to, but the bottom line is the less time you spend on the road, the less chances you have of getting into an accident.