Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tips for Finding Cheap Car Insurance After an Accident

Unfortunately car accidents can happen to the best of drivers, any time and anywhere. Not only do you have to deal with medical bills, car repairs, and the mental trauma of an accident, but many people are also concerned about what will happen to their car insurance rates. Fortunately there are some things you can do in order to keep cheap car insurance after a wreck.
First, it is important to understand that there is not a set increase for premiums after an accident. If and how much your rate will increase is determined by a Humber of things such as the laws of the state you live in, the severity of the accident, whether it was your fault, how much the insurance claim is, if you got a ticket, the type of violation, and whether the accident was automatically reported to auto insurance companies. Average insurance increases after an accident are about $300. The more accidents you've been involved in, the higher your insurance premium will likely become.
Nowadays many insurance companies offer "accident forgiveness" policies. If you are enrolled in this type of plan, you might not see a premium increase if you are involved in a minor accident. Some allow you one accident, some do a certain amount each year, and some base it on how many years you've been accident free. You will need to contact your insurance company to find out if they offer this program and what the specifics are. These programs will not help you after the fact, but are a good preventative strategy.
After you've had an accident the best way to get cheap car insurance is by proving you are a safe driver. You can do this buy taking driver's education courses and by avoiding any other accidents or traffic violations. Some insurance companies offer up to 15% off for the completion of a driver's education class, but again you will need to contact your insurance company for specifics.
To save the most money make sure you are getting any discounts you are eligible for and try to make lifestyle changes in order to qualify for more. Common discounts include those for good credit, safe and secure vehicles, age, doing well in school, staying under a certain amount of miles per year, parking in a garage, and living in a rural area.
Finally, if you cannot get cheap car insurance with your current provider, shop around. Insurance rates vary across companies - sometimes by hundreds of dollars. The more car insurance quotes you find the higher your chances of finding cheap car insurance.
After everything a person goes through in an accident it can be upsetting to have to worry about car insurance. Over time, if you maintain a safe driving record, your premiums will start going down again. Hopefully in the meantime these tips will help you save money.