Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Car Insurance Quotes for People Who do not Own a Vehicle

Most people know that it is a legal requirement to carry insurance if you are the driver of a vehicle. However, you might be unaware that you also need insurance for a car that is never driven, or even worse - sometimes it is a good idea to carry insurance even if you don't have a vehicle at all!
A non-owner auto insurance policy is a good choice for people without vehicles but who choose to drive other cars. These cars could be borrowed from friends, family, your place of employment, or a rental company.
If you only borrow a car once a year, this coverage might not be the best deal for you. However many people frequently rent cars for business, borrow cars, or use city-wide car borrowing services on a daily or monthly basis. There are many benefits that can come along with this type of coverage if you are one of these people.
The most obvious benefit is your peace of mind in that you know you are protected on the road. Even the most diligent of drivers is at risk for various car related damages, so having insurance is always a good back up plan so you do not end up paying out of pocket.
Secondly, if you have a gap in coverage, many insurance companies will raise your rate the next time you apply for insurance. Keeping a non-owner policy eliminates the gap that would have been caused by going without insurance, saving you money in the future.
Having car insurance can sometimes increase your ability to get a job. Many jobs require proof of insurance for various reasons, and this type of policy will have you covered.
Finally, this type of policy is much cheaper than a full coverage auto insurance policy. You can find car insurance quotes online for non-owners in much the same way you do for a typical car owner policy. These quotes will vary across policies and there will be various discounts available for you to look into.
There are some disadvantages to this type of policy. First, it does not offer collision coverage. This means you will not be protected to damages to your vehicle if you are involved in an accident. This type of coverage also will not cover work vehicles or vehicles owned by you.
If you are interested in this type of policy, you will need to research insurance companies that offer this type of policy. You can compare car insurance quotes in order to find the best deal. Online companies oftentimes have better deals than local, because there is more competition online and less overhead for the companies.
You should always try to get the highest amount of coverage possible for the lowest price. If you make price your first priority, you could walk away with no useful coverage. Paying attention to coverage first and then price allows you to get the best bang for you buck.