Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Types of policies and cheap auto insurance

If you're new to auto insurance, one of the most important things you need to learn is the fact that there are different policy types available. And depending on the type you choose the chance for obtaining cheap auto insurance is altered significantly. The choice of the right policy type usually depends on your current situation and insurance needs. So when shopping for a new policy make sure to choose from the following according to your exact requirements:

Third party liability

Third party liability policies are the simplest thing you will find on the market and offer the easiest way to obtain cheap auto insurance. However, their main downside is the lack of any additional coverage options except the basic third party liability. This option usually fits best with old cars that are fully owned and have little current market value on them.

Third party, fire and theft

This policy type builds on the basic option by adding additional coverage against fire and theft, which can be a serious peril in some areas. The extra coverage will naturally make the policy more expensive, but it is still possible to get cheap auto insurance with this policy type by shopping around or looking for discounts. Third party, fire and theft is usually recommended for vehicles that have a significant current market value on them but are fully owned by the driver.

Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive insurance policies are the costliest and the most common policy type in the country. The reason for this is the fact that any vehicle that is financed through a loan is obliged to carry such a policy. And knowing how financing is popular in the US, it's no big surprise to see the most expensive policy type being the most widespread. Getting cheap auto insurance with such an option can prove to be very challenging, unless you are an insurance expert. Usually, the only way to start saving money is simply paying off the loan and switching to a more affordable policy type.

No fault

This is a special version of the fully comprehensive policy type that simply makes it easier to get coverage. Despite the common belief that such a policy takes off the fault from the car owner in any situation, it simply implies that you receive the coverage whether you're at fault or not. Naturally, such a convenience comes at an additional price.


Special insurance policies always come at special prices and are aimed at special vehicles. These usually include collectibles, classic, retro and unique cars. Talking about cheap auto insurance here is certainly irrelevant, since being able to afford such a vehicle implies having enough money to pay for the insurance as well.
No matter what type of insurance coverage you land, always shop among multiple companies and change variables inside a company too on quotes collector site.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tips for Getting Cheap Auto Insurance

Everyone wants to pay less for insurance. Thanks to the Internet, it is much easier to find affordable insurance today. In fact, you can find cheap auto insurance quickly. Use the following recommendations to save money on coverage.

1. Qualify for Discounts

Insurer discounts remain one of the easiest ways to get cheap insurance. There are a variety of discounts you can get to save as much as 50% or more on premiums. Each insurance company has its own set of discounts so it is important to research your options. Find the agency that offers the most discounts you qualify to receive so you save more on your policy.

2. Maintain Good Credit

Many drivers are unaware they may be paying higher insurance rates just because they have poor credit. Insurers consider credit to be a good indicator of a driver's likelihood to cause accidents or to file claims. You have a better chance of getting cheap auto insurance if you improve your credit score. It is essential you monitor your credit reports so that you do not overpay for coverage.

3. Live in a Low-Crime Neighborhood

Where you live and work has a direct impact on how much you pay for coverage. Drivers who live or work in communities with high crime rates end up paying more for insurance. You can save money by moving or at least taking precautions to keep your vehicle safe. Insurers will reduce your rates if you park your vehicle in a garage.

4. Drive a Safe Vehicle

Safety is important to insurance companies. They want you to be a safe driver, and they also want you to drive a vehicle with certain safety features. You can save money on coverage if you drive a vehicle that has airbags, seat belts, and anti-lock brakes. Vehicles with high safety ratings typically qualify for lower insurance rates. And, you can get lower rates if your vehicle has a security system.

5. Shop Around

It has never been easier to find cheap auto insurance. Comparison shopping is faster online. You can get multiple quotes from major insurers to consider your options. Once you find the policy you want, just purchase it online. It only takes a few moments to request and compare quotes. Researching insurance companies is equally easy.
It only takes a few minutes of your time to find affordable coverage online. With a bit of research, you can get quotes and compare options to find a policy that saves you hundreds of dollars each year.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Tips on getting the best auto insurance quotes

We're all used to getting very expensive auto insurance quotes from very different providers. It's not surprising to see a person paying several thousand dollars for insuring a single car these days. And while such outrageous prices are often explained by insurers through a multitude of factors ranging from bad economy to fuel prices, it is surely unacceptable to pay part of the car's entire cost for keeping it insured for only a year. And while the obligatory nature of auto insurance can surely get on one's nerves, there are many effective solutions to making it a lot more affordable. Here are some tips on how to do that:
Shop around
If there would be only a single possible solution to use, comparison shopping would be the first to think about. It's hard to overestimate the potential of comparing auto insurance quotes when it comes to making insurance more affordable. By simply comparing the offers from competing companies you can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year. Just make sure you know what exactly you want with your policy and keep comparing quotes for this exact set of coverage. You will be surprised how effective this can be, just spend a few minutes comparing different quotes on a special resourse like this.
Review your policy
Quite often people take what they are offered by their agents or brokers without looking deep into the contents of the policy. And this may often be the reason why they're overpaying hundreds of dollars each year. Make sure to study the contents of your policy and adjust them to your current needs. Change coverage limits to what's more appropriate in your area and exclude the types you don't really need. This can be a very effective cost-cutting measure, just make sure to not get carried away and cut the policy to the bare minimum - you don't want to be underinsured in case of a serious accident.
Get discounts
You will be surprised to learn how common the discounts really are. They are generally available through all insurers, even if not advertised. There are many common discounts such as good driving record, loyal client, multiple vehicle, successful student, senior driver, military worker, low mileage and so on. Just ask the insurer and see if you can opt for any of the discount they have - this alone can make your policy more affordable.
Change the vehicle
Needless to say, all of the aforementioned tips can be applied simultaneously for better results. But what if there's still no significant effect? This usually means that your car is simply expensive to insure to begin with. If you drive a sports car or an SUV it is obvious that you won't find cheap insurance. However, some family vehicles can be expensive to insure as well. That's why you should consider changing your car to a model that is generally cheap to insure in the first place. This can drop your insurance costs a lot, although it will come at a price of giving up your favorite car model.

Cheap Auto Insurance: The Best Cars of 2014

Every year, car manufacturers come out with new models on all of the top makes. They are not all big hits. In fact, only a few usually stand out as the winners for the year. Here are three that have won big appeal by the critics for the upcoming year:
  • 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon: Minivans have mostly fallen out of favor with the majority of buyers as crossover vehicles have taken over the market. However, the new Transit Connect Wagon by Ford may just bring the minivan back in style. This is a redesign of a van that has been popular for commercial use, but this time the focus is more on family traveling. It provides plenty of room for either five or seven people with lots of cargo space. However, the Ford Transit doesn't forget the importance of fuel economy; it has an impressive figure of 30 plus miles per gallon on the highway.
  • 2014 Kia Cadenza: This just might be the sportiest car Kia has released in some time. It's also a larger car than what you usually see and comes at a higher price tag. The Cadenza also carries some premium features such as a leather upgrade. Comfort is as big of a priority on this new car from Kia as style, so it provides good handling and plenty of room. Another feature that drivers will enjoy is the smart cruise control that stops to avoid collision with the car in front and starts up again if the stop was only momentary. This is a good safety feature that will help you find cheap auto insurance despite its near-luxury status, if you comparison shop for quotes with this up-to-date search tool.
  • 2014 Chevrolet Impala: One of the classics that are still available, the Impala has not been as popular in recent years. However, this model is a redesign aimed at capturing a new generation of Impala lovers. If you are looking for a mid-size sedan that has plenty of room and plenty of style, the new Impala might just be perfect. It's still got that classic look with a longer hood and short trunk. It's also loaded with modern features that today's drivers will appreciate. It even has a way of locking your touchscreen to keep information safe, a feature that makes it less attractive to thieves and in turn makes it easier for you to get cheap auto insurance even on a brand-new car.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to Get Better Auto Insurance Quotes for Yongest Drivers

One of the most exciting times in a young man's life is when he first learns to drive and gets his first car. Unfortunately, this is also the time that you will need to purchase insurance for your teenaged driver. Teenaged, male drivers are the most expensive group to insure, due to the fact that statistically, they are the group involved in the most accidents. Not only do you have to worry about your child driving, you also have to work this new insurance payment into your budget. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get better auto insurance quotes for a teenaged driver.
There are two reasons that you need to buy auto insurance for your teenaged driver: it's required by law, and it's the responsible thing to do as a driver on the road. Car insurance helps protect your child, the car, and others on the road in the case of an accident. If your teenager causes an accident, car insurance will help pay for the damages done to the other driver's car, as well as medical expenses. If your young driver is involved in an accident with someone else, insurance will help bridge the gap for any expenses the other driver's insurance does not cover.
So the importance of car insurance is no subject to doubt. Unfortunately it is something you will need to pay for as long as you own a vehicle. This price can add up, so it is important to get the lowest price you can on the best insurance coverage you can find. Here are some tips:
           Liability Coverage: If you are really on a tight budget, you can consider only purchasing liability coverage. This is the minimum required by law (although if you are financing a vehicle you might need other coverage). Liability coverage will help pay for another driver's losses if your teenager causes an accident, but will not pay for your child's own expenses. How much liability coverage required by law will depend on what state you live in, but most insurance companies will not let you purchase a policy without this minimum.
           Consider raising your deductibles: If you purchase comprehensive or collision insurance, you can raise your deductible in order to get a lower premium. A deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for paying before your insurance company pays anything. Therefore the higher your deductible, the less the insurance company is responsible for. Saving them money allows them to give you a lower premium.
           Comparison shop for policies: Like with almost any other purchase, you need to shop around for the best deal when it comes to auto insurance quotes. Although most companies look at the same factors when it comes to determining your quote, not all companies weigh these factors in the same manner. This means there can be hundreds of dollars differences across companies and between individuals. Obtaining multiple quotes is the best way to make sure you are paying a good price for your auto insurance.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tips on how to get cheap car insurance even the elderly can use

With age tends to come experience, but even though that is usually the case many car insurance companies feel that they can raise their rates. This is largely due to the increased risk that some elderly drivers pose, but this is not always the case. Another factor to higher rates on elderly drivers is simple complacency, when you have been with the same company for most of your life it can be hard to break from it to find better rates. There may even be discounts that the elderly driver now fits that they did not fit when they started the policy. However, cheap car insurance can be found with a little effort.
There are many discounts for the post 50 crowd that often didn't apply until then. As well as some that they may have overlooked while getting their car insurance in the first place.
  1. Senior - Many car insurance companies offer discounts for simply being over the age of 50. This usually represents a decreased risk that experienced drivers pose.
  2. Low mileage. Elderly people tend to drive less than their younger counter parts and the ones that do can get better rates.
  3. Owned vehicle. Many elderly people own their vehicle outright rather than make payments on it. This can sometimes lead to a discount, and also if they have had the same vehicle for a long time that often times leads to another discount.
  4. Safety features. Many people don't know that safety features that are these days standard on vehicles can get you additional discounts if you tell your car insurance company that you have them. GPS tracking, Car alarms, and car safety belts are all factors that can lead to lower costs.
New Insurance
Many elderly drivers stick to the same insurance companies that they have used for years, but this can lead to paying more than needed. The Internet has given the world a powerful tool for shopping around quickly to find the best deals in cheap car insurance. Using sites that generate a list of companies you can quickly gather a list that you can sort through to find the best deals. When you use the Internet to find your cheap car insurance you are playing the various companies off of each other to make sure that the deal you get is the best one for you situation. With a little effort cheap car insurance is out there.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting good quotes for auto insurance for your teenager

At some point every teen wants the same thing, a car. The freedom that comes from obtaining a vehicle can be one of the best experiences a teenager can have. More than iPods, or cloths, a car is the number 1 thing that teens look forward to. With all the costs that teenagers rack up when becoming drivers any savings can end up being a lifesaver. It definitely pays to wring every discount possible,but you can tryy to get as good auto insurance for teen drivers as you manage..
Driving Habits
Good parenting can have a profound impact on young drivers. Being a good role model for their driving habits can make sure that they are better drivers themselves. To make sure that they are safe on the road, and that will save you on their auto insurance quotes there are some things that you can do, in a more proactive approach.
  1. Driving courses: Most states require a driver's education class, but even in the states that don't drivers Ed can be a valuable tool for young drivers.
  2. Defensive driving courses: Defensive driving courses will not only make sure that your teenage driver is safe on the road, but nearly all auto insurance companies look favorably on drivers who have taken them. This leads too much better auto insurance quotes when you go to get your teen driver insured.
Education is not only important for your child's future, but also many car insurance companies give discounts to good students. In general students with higher grades are more likely to be responsible drivers, which makes them less of a liability to insure, and thus better auto insurance quotes. This can be a great tool for forcing a struggling student to get their act together. Using their car as a reward for good grades pays off double in better grades and better insurance quotes.
Car Choice
Picking safe car can end up saving a bundle on car insurance. Remember that much like adults car insurance the little things such as color can mean better auto insurance quotes. Other car safety features can help as well, like air bags, automatic seat belts, GPS tracking. Not only to they make the car safer to drive, but also get you better auto insurance quotes.
The Internet has also given us the most powerful tool ever for getting better auto insurance quotes. The ability to quickly gather many auto insurance quotes and compare them side by side for the best prices and coverage makes even teenaged drivers affordable to insure so long as you are willing to put forth a little effort to find the best prices.

Believing that bald is really beautiful vs.using Propecia

It's easy to feel vain about the look of your hair, especially if you have concerns over visible thinning and hair loss. Yet, some men don't seem bothered by their receding hair lines or shiny scalp, and embrace their baldness instead by shaving their heads completely. Is going bald with so much enthusiasm really a good idea, or is it better to consider treatment for your hair loss instead?
The History of Baldness
Planned baldness, or shaving your head for the sake of fashion, has been in style just about since the dawn of time.
  • In ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, shaved heads were not uncommon and were even preferred. Egyptians then wore stylish wigs over their shaved heads for the blunt-cut black hairdo that so epitomizes this culture's fashion history. Priests in Egypt took this concept even further by removing all hair via plucking, including facial and body hair.
  • During the reign of King Louis XIII of France, his premature baldness (at the tender age of just 23) led to a new fashion craze: the elaborate, curly-haired wig. Wigs soon became a status symbol in their own right, as evidenced by most of the royalty throughout Europe as well as the first American presidents.
Baldness wasn't always the height of status and fashion, however. In fact, a number of cultures viewed shaving the head as a punishment or penance, which is why so many prisoners are seen with bald heads in historical photos and etchings. Other cultures shaved their heads in times of mourning to show their grief as well as giving respect to their loved ones. And even very recently, a Japanese pop star shaved her head to show her contrition for violating the rules of her band, begging forgiveness for her transgressions.
Baldness as Fashion Trend
Rather than covering up with a wig afterwards, more men these days are likely to shave their heads and flaunt a shiny skull. Stars like Bruce Willis, Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad and Vin Diesel have all made headlines with their squeaky clean look that has become synonymous with the tough guy persona. Even more elegant actors like Patrick Stewart, Ben Kingsley and Stanley Tucci are recognizable by their characteristic hair-or lack thereof.
There is no denying that baldness is a very distinctive look, whether as a deliberate fashion statement or natural occurrence. It may not be right for everyone for this reason. For men who don't want to resort to the buff action star look, Propecia offers a simple solution that not only prevents active hair loss, but also encourages regrowth even in dormant hair follicles. Rogaine offers another treatment option: a cream that needs to be applied twice daily for maximum effect instead of coming in pill form like Propecia. If you're not quite ready to commit to going bald, there are plenty of options to keep the hair you have.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking at quotes for home insurance and mold

When it comes to homeowners and mold populations that grew to insane proportions, many stories about it have arisen. Some people take these sorts of stories for granted, but those looking into getting home insurance have found their home insurance quotes rise due to its influence. The truth of the matter is mold is a large problem and affects many homes.
Mold can cause a whole range of other problem beyond that of damage to properties. The health of you and your family can be affected and in some cases can even be fatal with many types of mold. Mold reproduces by releasing tiny bits of it called spores. These spores can enter the body though any opening, but most commonly infect the lungs though the repertory system. This causes many people to look for insurance policy that can cover mold infestation, but this is a dangerous prospect to many home insurance companies. Due to the ways that mold reproduces, an outbreak of mold can claim many houses very quickly and can cause the number of claims to skyrocket. This makes companies very wary about covering homes in mold prone areas. Mold growth can cause a number of problems to a home including discoloration, weakening of the structure, and can contribute to foul smells coming from the home.
When looking for home insurance quotes you can look for companies that offer "buy-back" endorsements that are sort of limited mold insurance. This usually will cause your home insurance quotes to rise if you look for this option, but if you are in an area where mold is common then it may be vital. Other companies have a mold cleanup service that will clear out mold populations, and attempt to repair the damage the mold has done rather than simply pay out a settlement.
As a homeowner knowing about how mold grows and where it likes to live can help you prevent the need to mold coverage on your home insurance quotes. Preventative measures taken against mold can keep your home in tiptop shape even without mold coverage on your home insurance quotes.
Mold Tips
  1. Keeping your humidity in the home between 30-50% can help inhibit mold production
  2. Ventilation in any attic or crawl spaces will prevent stagnate air that becomes a breeding ground for mold.
  3. Cold surfaces such as windows and pipes should be well insulated to keep the moisture from providing an entry point for mold.
  4. Any plumbing problems should be solved as soon as the crop up. Plumbing problems are a haven for mold and can end up causing far more damage than initial thoughts might suggest.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Gender and Auto Insurance Quotes

For many, it does not make sense that gender would play a role in how much you pay for insurance. There seems to be other factors that are more important such as your driving record and the type of car you drive. However, insurers have determined that gender is a predictive factor that must be incorporated into the rate calculation process.
What Statistics Say
Insurers rely on historical data and trends to assess risk in various conditions. Auto insurance quotes reflect these findings:
  • Accidents - drivers under the age of 25 typically have higher rates because they are newer drivers. But male drivers in that age group are considered to be higher risk for insurers because they cause more accidents resulting in serious injuries and expensive property damage than their female counterparts.
  • Speed - this group is likely to get more speeding tickets than other drivers. High speeds are a factor in many serious accidents, especially on highways and other areas that have higher speed limits. Speeding is the most common traffic violation and a good indicator of your chances of causing an accident in the future.
  • Mileage - male drivers are simply on the road more than females and that increases their chances of being in an accident. Women prefer to work closer to home and spend less time commuting to work than men.
Some research suggests men are more likely to drink and drive than women. Critics suggest this research is not valid because they believe police are just less lenient with male drivers.
Why Females are Safer Drivers
There are numerous theories about why female drivers take fewer risks when driving:
  • Women are more likely to be driving with children in the vehicle, especially during school drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Women are less likely to speed just for the fun of it or the adrenaline rush of going excessively fast.
  • Women have fewer DUI convictions than men which might mean they are less willing to drink and drive.
  • Fewer young women have driver's licenses than young men. For this reason, it makes sense that young men are the cause of more accidents than young female drivers.
How to Deal with Gender Discrepancies
When using auto insurance quotes to buy coverage, there are steps you can take to mitigate the effect of gender on your rates:
  • Wait it out - rates do become more equitable once drivers get older.
  • Keep driving record clean - you can get better rates sooner by avoiding accidents and tickets.
  • Take remedial driving courses - proactively improve your driving to qualify for discounts.
  • Switch providers - certain providers will give male drivers better rates regardless of age.
Auto insurance quotes can help you save money as long as you understand the factors insurers rely on to calculate rates. Once you get a quote you like, you can talk to the insurer to determine how much your gender affects the amount you pay for a policy.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Auto Insurance Quotes and Popular Discounts

One of the fastest ways to save money on coverage is with discounts. All insurance companies offer discounts. When you request auto insurance quotes, you should be able to tell what discounts were applied to your proposed rates. You can compare discounts to see which insurer offers you the best value for your money.

Common Discounts

These are the reductions that most drivers are familiar with because nearly all insurers offer them. If you have a current policy or have had one in the past, it is likely you have qualified for at least one of the following discounts:
Multiple policies - known as bundling, when you buy your life, home, and car insurance policies from the same insurer, you can save as much as 20% on annual premiums.
Safe driver - being accident free for a specific period of time can help you get a reduction of nearly 5%.
Good student - maintaining at least a "B" average while in school can qualify young drivers for 25% in savings.
Multiple vehicles - the more vehicles you insure with one company, the greater savings you earn. Several insurers give 20% discounts if you have more than one vehicle that requires insurance.
Loyalty - insurers want your business and are willing to give you 5% off premiums if you stay with them for a certain number of years.
These are just a few examples of popular discounts that can help you save money when you get auto insurance quotes to compare offers from major providers.

Less Known Discounts

There are other discounts you should be aware of when using auto insurance quotes. These are less common and are not available from every insurer:
Military - you can save up to 15% on premiums if you currently serve in or are retired from the military.
Affinity or group - by belonging to a certain association or working for a particular company, you may be eligible for an affinity discount of 10% off premiums.
Early signing - as a way to attract you to their company, several insurers offer a 10% reduction if you switch to them before your existing policy expires.
Low mileage - you can save another 15% just by spending less time on the road. Insurers that offer this discount have a maximum number of miles you can drive annually to qualify for this discount.
New car - if you buy a brand new car, certain insurers will give you a 30% discount for being the car's first owner.
You may have to research each insurer to know the specific discounts they offer before you request auto insurance quotes. Compare the type and amount of the discount to determine which insurer is right for you. Discounts can save you hundreds of dollars on premiums annually.