Monday, March 9, 2015

Trust in Realities of Car Insurance and not in the Myths

Don't believe the myths regarding car insurance floating around, and you should be objective to be on the safe side. Before you go shopping for car insurance quotes, you should understand the purpose of car insurance and other details. If you believe certain myths, you might be more likely to skip insurance, buy low quality insurance, or get the wrong types of coverage. Here are the top six myths regarding car insurance that you can find online.
1) Many people believe that a speeding ticket will drastically increase the amount of their insurance premium
Although it is always a good idea to be a safe driver on the road, the truth is that one ticket likely will not effect you much, if at all. If you have not received any other ticket or claim in the past three to five years (depending on the company), most insurers will give you a pass on one ticket.
2) How I spend my money doesn't matter to car insurance companies
In many states, one of the factors in determining your car insurance rate is your credit score and history. This means that if you have a lot of credit card debts built up, or have missed payments, you might end up paying more for car insurance. In some cases, a car insurance company might deny you a policy all together if your credit is low enough.
3) If my car gets damaged on my property, then my home insurance will cover the repairs
Some people skip out on certain coverages because they assume their other insurance policies will cover the damage. This is usually not the case - your home insurance policy has nothing to do with your car, and you will need to purchase comprehensive coverage in order to get it repaired for this type of damage.
4) If I damage a friend's car, my insurance will take care of it
This is not so clear cut. Your insurance typically will pay for damages to another person's vehicle, but only after their insurance pays. The friend's insurance will need to be exhausted before yours kicks in, which depending on the friend and the policy, might mean you are paying them their deductible, which could be much higher than yours.
5) If I am hurt while riding my bicycle or walking down the street, my car insurance will not help
In some cases, your car insurance will cover you if you are hurt or killed while riding a bicycle or walking down the street. If the person who hits you does not have insurance, or does not have enough insurance to cover you, than you might be covered under your own policy if you have purchased Uninsured or Underinsured coverage.
6) My car was broken into and all of my valuables were stolen! Surely my car insurance will pay for them
Your car insurance will not provide coverage for the items left inside your vehicle. You will need to file a claim with your home or renter's insurance to get these items covered. Typically car insurance only covers items that are attached to your car, which can include car seats and radios.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

You can Find Cheap Car Insurance, Even with a Poor Driving Record!

Finding cheap car insurance can be difficult if you have a poor driving record. Whether you have a DUI, DWI, multiple speeding tickets, or have been involved in multiple accidents, your car insurance premium will likely skyrocket. However - although you might not get as low of a price as someone with a clean driving history - there are still many ways for you to save money and find a cheap car insurance policy.
First, and this applies to everyone - shop around! Doing so on the Internet is the best option for many reasons: there is more competition online which means insurance companies have an incentive to lower their prices, it is quicker and easier online (you don't have to drive all over town or spend a lot of time on the phone), and you will have more options. The more quotes you find, the better your chances of finding the best policy, so aim to find at least 5 quotes.
Next, always be honest on your insurance quote application. Many people think if they stretch the truth a little, they will get a lower premium. This might be true, but if you ever need to submit a claim, your insurance company will likely verify the information on your policy. If they find even the tiniest fib, they could very well refuse to pay your claim - which means you wasted months of premium payments and still do not have a way to fix your car or pay your medical bills. Being honest is important for savings in the long run.
One thing to keep in mind when comparison-shopping is coverage. You can find two policies at different prices and be tempted to go with the cheaper policy. However, this policy might be offering you much less coverage than the other. You need to find policies that offer you the coverage you need first, and then compare prices. Inadequate coverage could leave you paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in an accident. Finding the most coverage for your dollar is usually the best way to go.
Secondly, take advantage of discounts. There are many discounts available when it comes to car insurance. You might not be eligible for all of them today, but you can still research the types offered and then try to change things around in your life so that you can qualify when it comes time to renew. Common discounts include low mileage, having the latest safety and security features, student discounts, and driver education course discounts among others.
Finally, look at your policy. Look for extras you can cut such as incentive programs or roadside assistance. Raise your deductible if possible (assuming you can still pay it if necessary) - your premium decreases as your deductible increases, because this is less money the insurance company will have to pay if you submit a claim.
As you can see, even with a poor driving record there are still some things you can do to try to find a cheap insurance policy. However, keeping your driving record clean from here on out should be your number one priority. After a few years of no insurance claims or tickets, you should be back on the road to low car insurance premiums!

Friday, March 6, 2015

If You Aks Why Car Insurance is Necessary Read These Reasons

For some reasons there people do not always carry car insurance. Very often people overestimate how good of a driver they are, or underestimate their risk of getting into an accident. This is easy to talk yourself into, as many people go years - or even their entire lives - without getting into an accident. However, and you never know when an accident is about to occur.
Not only is driving without insurance illegal, but it can also cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you are involved in an accident. If you aren't convinced, here are ten reasons why you should always carry car insurance:
  • If you are involved in an accident that is determined to be your fault, you will be responsible for paying for the property and personal damages done to the victim. If you do not have the money to do this, you will be leaving this person without the care they need to get their life back on track.
  • If an uninsured driver hits you, and you don't carry insurance either, you will not be protected and will have to pay for your medical bills yourself. Even if you do not have high medical bills, you will need a new car and will likely be out of work until this happens.
  • Again we shoudl remember it is against the law to drive without car insurance. In some cases, if you are caught you can lose your license. Thta's why it is a good idea to go online, compare car insurance quotes, and purchase a policy that will not ruin your budget, but you will be confident on the road.
  • Many times when people are not driving with insurance they become anxious on the road because they are always looking around for police officers. This is a huge distraction and can put you at risk for an accident.
  • Some jobs are dependent on a positive driving record, even if the job is not solely focused on driving. Not having insurance can look bad on your record.
  • Car insurance companies do not like it when people do not carry car insurance. Even if you do not get a ticket for lack of insurance, there will still be a gap in your driving record where you were uninsured, and this will likely increase your premium once you decide to search for car insurance quotes again.
  • Some people will be tempted to lie on their car insurance applications and say they have been carrying insurance when they haven't. If you submit a claim and the insurance company investigates and finds out you were not truthful, they could refuse to pay your claim and you will likely face higher premiums in the future.
Going without car insurance might seem like a good idea as far as your wallet goes, but it can effect many people other than yourself, in many devastating ways. Always carry car insurance, even if its only the minimum.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Follow These Tips and You will Easily Find Cheap Car Insurance

It's not a secret that getting cheap car insurance makes us feel happy as another big part of your budget is reduced. And the tips that can help you save are not so difficult. First, there are many companies to choose from, and many options to decide between. Depending on the type of car you drive, your driving history, the insurance you choose, and other factors, your car insurance premium could be potentially be higher than you wish each month. However, there are fortunately many things you can do to lower your insurance cost.
First, you should always comparison shop. The easiest way to do this is online, as you have access to many insurance companies and can fill out one form after another in a very short amount of time - some websites even allow you to get multiple quotes using one form. For the best results, you should look for as many quotes as possible, with the minimum being 5. This gives you the best chances of finding the lowest quote available, and allows you to get a good idea of what a good price is. You should always make sure you are comparing quotes based on similar coverage, and look into reviews of the company to make sure you are dealing with a reputable agency.
The next thing you can do, which is fairly simple, is to combine policies where possible. Many companies will give you a discount if you have multiple cars insured on the same policy, or if you have multiple types of insurance (renter's, home, car, medical, life, etc.) through the same company. Not only does this usually earn you a discount, but it also makes your life simpler with one bill and one company to deal with.
Clearly, one of the best things you can do - for insurance and for others on the road - is be a safe driver. Having a good driving record is the best way to keep your insurance policy low. You can also look into other cheap car insurance factors such as what type of car you drive, the features it has, where you live, and your credit score. Anywhere you can make improvements can lower your premium, although some things might take more work than others.
Whenever your policy expires, it might seem easiest to just automatically renew by sending in the payment - after all, you already did the research and picked this company for a reason. However, you should always go back over your policy to make sure the types and amount of coverage you chose still makes sense, and is still necessary. Additionally, it is always a good idea to comparison shop at least once a year to make sure you are still getting the best deal on your policy.
By following these tips you are sure to find the lowest car insurance quotes available. Whenever you've chosen a company, make sure to give them a call to make sure you are getting all possible discounts - sometimes they aren't all advertised or offered online!