Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Insurance Options for the Hard Drivers

It can be so frustrating to shop for car insurance if you are considered high risk. In fact, you may even wonder what that means if you have never been in an accident or filed a claim. How do they know you are a high risk? What makes you more likely to get in an accident than someone else? As discouraging as it may be, you can find cheap auto insurance even if you are a higher risk by following a few simple tips.
What is High Risk?
Insurance companies determine how much of a risk you are by several factors. Some of them are things you cannot change while others are qualities you can work on improving. These companies take data provided to them that state that people in a particular category had more accidents than the drivers in another category.
Here are some examples of common qualities that make you a higher risk:
  • Age - under 25
  • Gender - male, especially under 25 is considered a high risk
  • Marital status - if you are single, you are considered a higher risk
  • Credit history - if you have a poor credit history, you are considered a higher risk
  • Previous traffic violations - if you have disobeyed the traffic laws and gotten a traffic violation, you are considered a high risk
  • Previous claims - a history of filed claims indicates a high risk
Where you live can also put you at a higher risk level, especially if you have to drive a long distance to work.
There's not much you can do about your age or gender and you are limited in your marital status. However, you can work on improving your credit history and driving record while trying to avoid other claims to lower your level of risk.
How Yoг Can Get Affordable Auto Insurance
Often, a high-risk driver will be quoted higher rates than someone that is considered a lower risk. You can find a policy that's more affordable while you work on improving your level of risk.
  • Shop around, looking for providers that specialize in high risk drivers. While they may not be as cheap as if you had a perfect record, they will give you a better deal than other providers. If you have a really bad driving record, they may be the only ones to insure you at all.
  • Get added to someone else's policy. Teens often have cheaper insurance if they are added onto their parents' policy than if they get their own. Another option is to be added to a spouse's policy.
  • Change your deductibles or coverage. Don't reduce your liability coverage, but consider altering other coverage to make it more affordable.
Even if you have to pay a high price now, work on improving your risk. Take safe driver classes, improve your credit history and avoid more traffic violations. Before your current policy expires, shop around to find out if you can get a better deal.
Getting cheap auto insurance if you are a high-risk driver isn't easy, but you can find something affordable. Take the time to discover your options and know that you won't always be a high risk.

Car Insurance Quotes for People Who do not Own a Vehicle

Most people know that it is a legal requirement to carry insurance if you are the driver of a vehicle. However, you might be unaware that you also need insurance for a car that is never driven, or even worse - sometimes it is a good idea to carry insurance even if you don't have a vehicle at all!
A non-owner auto insurance policy is a good choice for people without vehicles but who choose to drive other cars. These cars could be borrowed from friends, family, your place of employment, or a rental company.
If you only borrow a car once a year, this coverage might not be the best deal for you. However many people frequently rent cars for business, borrow cars, or use city-wide car borrowing services on a daily or monthly basis. There are many benefits that can come along with this type of coverage if you are one of these people.
The most obvious benefit is your peace of mind in that you know you are protected on the road. Even the most diligent of drivers is at risk for various car related damages, so having insurance is always a good back up plan so you do not end up paying out of pocket.
Secondly, if you have a gap in coverage, many insurance companies will raise your rate the next time you apply for insurance. Keeping a non-owner policy eliminates the gap that would have been caused by going without insurance, saving you money in the future.
Having car insurance can sometimes increase your ability to get a job. Many jobs require proof of insurance for various reasons, and this type of policy will have you covered.
Finally, this type of policy is much cheaper than a full coverage auto insurance policy. You can find car insurance quotes online for non-owners in much the same way you do for a typical car owner policy. These quotes will vary across policies and there will be various discounts available for you to look into.
There are some disadvantages to this type of policy. First, it does not offer collision coverage. This means you will not be protected to damages to your vehicle if you are involved in an accident. This type of coverage also will not cover work vehicles or vehicles owned by you.
If you are interested in this type of policy, you will need to research insurance companies that offer this type of policy. You can compare car insurance quotes in order to find the best deal. Online companies oftentimes have better deals than local, because there is more competition online and less overhead for the companies.
You should always try to get the highest amount of coverage possible for the lowest price. If you make price your first priority, you could walk away with no useful coverage. Paying attention to coverage first and then price allows you to get the best bang for you buck.

Choosing the Right Car for Cheap Car Insurance

When people look at cars to buy, they often focus on the design. They become infatuated with the fancy rear spoiler, the pointed front end, the dazzling taillights, or they may be impressed with the luxurious seats, the spaciousness, the advanced technology... but they seldom think about the insurance until they call their agent and announce they have a new car.
Sticker Shock
You hear about sticker shock when you see the price of something you want to buy, but sticker shock can also apply to the price of insurance for a car you just bought. You didn't realize that sporty new vehicle sitting in your driveway was going to set you back an extra hundred dollars a month besides the auto loan.
While many people have the idea that all new cars are more expensive because of the new parts, or less expensive because they are safer, neither statement is true. You can't lump "all cars" in one category. Some new cars will actually be less expensive to insure than the used one you had. Other new cars will be more expensive because of specialty parts or the likelihood of theft.
If you want to avoid sticker shock on your new car when it comes to insurance, find out the price before you buy. Look for cars that offer cheap car insurance to help you save money. These vehicles are usually rated well for safety and include the latest features, including:
  • Airbags
  • Antilock brakes
  • Rear backup camera
  • Forward collision warning
  • Electronic stability control
  • Brake assist
  • SOS post-crash alert
Some of these features are standard in all new models while others are extras.
If you decide to purchase a much older car, you should know that it may not have even some of these basic safety features. Many insurance companies won't even cover you and those that do could have extremely high rates.
What to Consider
The first thing to look at when buying a car is what types of safety features are included. While not all safety features have been proven to reduce the likelihood of an accident, many insurance companies like to see as many on the vehicle as possible.
Consider how the vehicle has scored in crash tests. The severity of damage to the vehicle will impact your rates. To get cheap car insurance, the vehicle should hold up well in these tests. This means that there will be less damage to be repaired, but more importantly, the injuries of the driver and passengers will be less severe.
Don't forget to check if your preferred make and model is on the list of the Most Wanted - vehicles, that is. A car that is considered a hot ticket for thieves may have steeper insurance premiums, especially if you live in an area that has high theft statistics.
The time to think about cheap car insurance is before you buy a vehicle, not after. This ensures that you get the lowest rates possible. And if you really love that hot red sports car, at least you know should realize it's going to cost you - and keep costing you every mon