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Finding auto insurance that is cheap is difficult, but not impossible if you have a DUI

If you have gotten a DUI, it might be difficult for you to find cheap auto insurance. Not only do you have to worry about your driving history affecting your premiums, but sometimes if you're driving history is bad enough you won't even be able to find a car insurance company that will accept you as a customer. You may be able to find cheap auto insurance with a little bit of effort, however, even if you have received one or more DUIs, or you are a high-risk driver for other reasons.
Having adequate car insurance is a legal requirement if you are going to operate a vehicle. This can make things difficult if you find yourself unable to locate a car insurance company that will accept you. For this reason, most states have their own car insurance programs that they set aside for the use of high-risk drivers. Although this might seem like the easiest option, it is likely a lot more expensive than your other options. It will be necessary to look at private options before going to the state if you want to save money and find cheap auto insurance.
When looking at private options, there are some companies that specialize in high risk drivers. Whichever companies you choose, your best bet is finding as many car insurance quotes that you can as this will provide you with the most opportunities to find cheap auto insurance.
Whenever you have a DUI and you are looking for cheap insurance you need to keep in mind that your rate is still going to be higher than the average rate. This means that you need to look at all of your options and find a cheap quote for you, and not compare it to your friends' and family's quotes, or what you used to pay for insurance. Here are some more tips that you can try to find cheap auto insurance if you are a high risk driver:
  • Discounts. Most, if not all, car insurance companies will offer some type of discount. Comparison-shopping is important here because you will want to find the car insurance company that will offer you the most discounts. With a DUI, you might not be eligible for many discounts, but some - such as a good student discount, safety and security features discount, age discount, and others should still be available.
  • Another way of saving money is by being a member of certain organizations, credit unions, or alumni groups. Certain groups might be affiliated with certain insurance companies, and certain groups may give discounts on different services. If you would like to research this option, you will need to contact insurance companies directly or speak with your organization.
  • One last way to save money is through the use of low mileage discounts. This discount is given when you stay under a certain amount of mileage each year. The amount of miles allowed depends on the insurance company and what you agree to, but the bottom line is the less time you spend on the road, the less chances you have of getting into an accident.

How do Claims Work? Understanding Cheap Car Insurance

Whenever you are involved in an accident, there are many bills that need to be paid. The medical bills and property damage bills for you and the other vehicle can easily end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Long-term rehab and loss of work can potentially create monetary problems for years to come. This is why people purchase car insurance. Car insurance - even cheap car insurance - will help you pay these bills if you are involved in an accident. Whenever you request one of these types of payments, you are submitting a claim.
Insurance companies are in the business of making a profit, just like any other business. The more claims submitted, the less profit there is to be made. Therefore insurance companies like to insure people who are "low risk" and the least likely to be involved in an auto accident. Higher risk drivers will have to pay more for their policies, whereas low risk drivers get to benefit from the best cheap car insurance.
This knowledge makes some people suspicious about the insurance business, and how they go about handling claims. When you submit a claim, your insurance company will work with an insurance claim adjuster. This adjuster can be employed through your insurance company or through an independent company. The adjuster will come out and access the damages that resulted from the accident and come up with an estimate on how much it should cost to fix said damages. This means the insurance adjuster will likely be contacting mechanics and body shops in order to figure out how much parts and labor should cost.
When you get into an accident, one of your first calls should be to the insurance company. Some people put this phone call off because they are worried about the increase in their premium. However, an insurance adjuster needs to be sent out as soon as possible in order to correctly assess the damage. If too much time has passed the insurance company might not accept that the damage was caused by the accident in question. This means you could get stuck paying to repair some of the damage yourself.
Sometimes the total amount of damages will cost more to fix than the car is worth, and in these situations, your vehicle is "written off." Then the insurance company will pay you the book value for your vehicle, which may be more or less than what you believe your vehicle is worth, and might not be enough to get you into a new vehicle. Some companies allow you to purchase an extra option that states that if your car is totaled within two years of purchase, you will receive the original purchase price rather than the book value.
Although nobody likes an increase in premiums, the whole reason you purchase cheap car insurance is to have your bills paid if you are in an accident! Submitting a timely claim is important so that you can get back on the road and back to your life.

The best resource for saving money on quotes for car insurance is the internet

The Internet has become one of the most popular ways to kill time for many people. You can check up on family and friends, play games, read the news, watch movies, and even gamble! However, the Internet is also a good tool to use to take care of personal business. Many people use the Internet to shop, buy groceries, and pay bills. The Internet is convenient indeed, but it can also save you money. One of the best ways to save money on your insurance policy is to use the web to search for cheap auto insurance quotes.
Whenever you search for car insurance quotes, you will likely receive thousands of hits. This can certainly seem overwhelming, and may cause many people to either decide to purchase their policy offline, or just go with the first website they find. It is important to know how to narrow down your results and choose the best company. Knowing how to find a good company can help you avoid the problem of scam websites which is also important as there are many of them online.
Fortunately, finding good car insurance companies is much easier now that the Internet exists. There might be more options to choose from, but you have access to a lot more information. In the past, you simply had to talk to an agent to get a feel for the company. Nowadays, you can look around their website - which will likely have answers to any questions you have - and you can also look up reviews and experiences from other customers. You will need to do both of these things in order to find a good company. Only choose companies that are popular with a good reputation, and have proven time and time ago to be reliable.
When you've found five to ten companies that have good customer reviews, you can visit their websites in order to find their quotes. Car insurance quotes are a free, no obligation way to find out how much a specific insurance company is going to charge you, and for what type of insurance coverage. You can use these quotes to compare insurance across companies and find the best price for the most insurance coverage. In order to get a quote you will need to provide some basic information such as your name, address, and the type of car you drive. After you are done and press submit, you should get a quote within seconds. Avoid companies that charge for quotes.
It is important to compare coverage first, and then premium. There are plenty of cheap insurance policies out there, but they are a waste of money if they do not provide you with adequate coverage. Once you've found a policy, you can purchase it online. The biggest car insurance companies will let you do just about everything online - pay bills, change coverage, add or remove vehicles or drivers, and even submit and check on claims. The convenience of the Internet is sure to save you time, money oncar insurance!

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Looking at auto insurance quotes for any type of driver

Depending on the type of driver you are, your car insurance quotes can range in price - sometimes varying by hundreds of dollars. Knowing what to expect when shopping for an individual car insurance plan can save you frustration and stress when trying to make a decision. Before beginning the process of shopping for various quotes, it is important to have a few documents readily available to assist in the selection. An adequate driving record and history of citations, along with a general history of how you use the vehicle to be insured should be on hand. These documents will help generate a more accurate quote and portrait of your particular driving style.
Drivers with a history of accident free driving and minor to no moving violations can obtain many safe driver discounts while similar discounts exist for drivers who do not operate their vehicle frequently. Safe drivers are required to have documentation to support their claim on hand when obtaining auto insurance quotes so it is important to keep the documentation close by. The same is true for drivers who drive less frequently, an accurate timeline of any mileage accrued on the vehicle should be available to obtain the best possible rate for the minimal driving style. While discounts are more common for less driven vehicles, other options are available for higher mileage vehicles.
To alleviate the costs of high rate insurance plans that are attributed to a vehicles frequent use there are business plans and work vehicle coverage options that are cheaper plans. These work plans can be liability based plans, where the insurance company pays for any damage, to another party's property, which the insured driver is liable for. This type of coverage keeps the high rates generated by the frequent use mitigated, with more manageable monthly premiums. To qualify for a business vehicle plan, it is important to be able to show how the vehicle is used for work purposes. Different business plans are available through different insurance companies, so as always it is important to obtain different quotes to achieve the best deal possible.
By maintaining a safe driving history those drivers that build up high mileage but do not use their car for work purposes can also obtain lower insurance quotes. Full coverage plans are more expensive but are more comprehensive and better protects the driver's property and finances if an accident is to occur. With a highly trafficked vehicle, the risk for an accident is greater and therefore the monthly premium is naturally higher. However, with the increased risk comes the increased benefit of having full coverage, making it a popular option amongst frequent drivers.
Understanding where you fit in these categories of drivers can help you shop for the best discounts, tailor coverage to your needs, and find a car insurance policy that is right for your lifestyle.

Teens' Parents, Go Through These Car Insurance Basics and Saving Tips

Car insurance quotes are rising every day for many people, and can be a frustrating bill to pay each month when there are not necessarily any benefits to see. However, thousands of people are involved in car accidents every year, and you run the risk of getting into an accident each time you drive your car. Teenaged drivers are especially at risk for accidents, and it is imperative that your teenager driver carries adequate insurance coverage in order to be protected.
Since teenaged drivers are statistically the most likely group to be involved in an accident, they are, unfortunately, the most expensive group to insure. Many people dread the day they will have to add their teenager to their policy for this reason. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do in order to lower the cost so your young driver can be protected without breaking the bank.
Make Sure All Discounts Are Accounted to your Car Insurance Quotes
One of the easiest ways to save money each month is by finding car insurance discounts. If you search for car insurance quotes online, most companies will automatically factor in any discounts you are eligible for. However, if you know what discounts are available beforehand, you can see if there are any areas you can work on in order to make yourself qualify. Additionally, some insurance companies do not advertise all (or even any) of their discounts online, so it is always a good idea to give the company a call after you get a quote to make sure all discounts are accounted for. Some examples of teen specific discounts include good driver discounts, good student discounts, low mileage discounts, and living away from home (for school) discounts. Sometimes students can even get a discount for being a part of certain organizations such as fraternities. As a family, having all of your cars insured at one company can get you a "multi-car" discount, as well as combining other types of insurance for a "multi-policy" discount (health, life, renters, etc).
Type of Vehicle
In the same way that teenagers are statistically the most likely to get into an accident, certain cars are also statistically higher risk. You should take this fact into account when purchasing a vehicle for your young driver. The make, model, age, and features of the car will make a difference in the final insurance premium. Sports cars and cars that are often stolen are going to be the most expensive to insure. Typically older/used cars will have lower premiums, but having up to date safety and security equipment can also save you money. Your best bet is to get a quote for the car you wish to buy before you buy it so you can make sure it is a reasonable price to insure.
Finally, taking a driver's education class is a great way to help your teenager be a safer driver and save money on your insurance policy. These classes often earn you a discount that could be as high as 15%. Not all classes count, and not all insurance companies accept them, so it is best to check with your insurance company before enrolling - although they are still a good idea for young drivers regardless of insurance savings.

Tips for Finding Cheap Car Insurance After an Accident

Unfortunately car accidents can happen to the best of drivers, any time and anywhere. Not only do you have to deal with medical bills, car repairs, and the mental trauma of an accident, but many people are also concerned about what will happen to their car insurance rates. Fortunately there are some things you can do in order to keep cheap car insurance after a wreck.
First, it is important to understand that there is not a set increase for premiums after an accident. If and how much your rate will increase is determined by a Humber of things such as the laws of the state you live in, the severity of the accident, whether it was your fault, how much the insurance claim is, if you got a ticket, the type of violation, and whether the accident was automatically reported to auto insurance companies. Average insurance increases after an accident are about $300. The more accidents you've been involved in, the higher your insurance premium will likely become.
Nowadays many insurance companies offer "accident forgiveness" policies. If you are enrolled in this type of plan, you might not see a premium increase if you are involved in a minor accident. Some allow you one accident, some do a certain amount each year, and some base it on how many years you've been accident free. You will need to contact your insurance company to find out if they offer this program and what the specifics are. These programs will not help you after the fact, but are a good preventative strategy.
After you've had an accident the best way to get cheap car insurance is by proving you are a safe driver. You can do this buy taking driver's education courses and by avoiding any other accidents or traffic violations. Some insurance companies offer up to 15% off for the completion of a driver's education class, but again you will need to contact your insurance company for specifics.
To save the most money make sure you are getting any discounts you are eligible for and try to make lifestyle changes in order to qualify for more. Common discounts include those for good credit, safe and secure vehicles, age, doing well in school, staying under a certain amount of miles per year, parking in a garage, and living in a rural area.
Finally, if you cannot get cheap car insurance with your current provider, shop around. Insurance rates vary across companies - sometimes by hundreds of dollars. The more car insurance quotes you find the higher your chances of finding cheap car insurance.
After everything a person goes through in an accident it can be upsetting to have to worry about car insurance. Over time, if you maintain a safe driving record, your premiums will start going down again. Hopefully in the meantime these tips will help you save money.