Saturday, May 31, 2014

Using Car Insurance Quotes The Right Way

It's not fun to spend time looking for affordable car insurance. While getting quotes can speed up the process, you still need to know what to with the quotes after you get them. If the cost is your main criteria, you risk buying a policy that does not provide sufficient financial protection for you and your family. That's why you should consider the following information when you use car insurance quotes to find a policy that meets your coverage and financial needs.
Factors Affecting Your Rates
There is a multitude of factors insurance companies use when calculating the rates. Here are the most important ones:
Age - anyone who's too young or too old is considered to be the highest risk for insurers so these drivers end up paying more for coverage.
Sex - male drivers are more risky while driving and get ticketed more often so their rates are higher than female drivers.
Driving record - a clean driving record always results in significant discounts for drivers older than 25 but younger than 65.
Vehicle - the model of your car will also affect your rates significantly depending on repair costs, safety and theft rates.
Marital status - single people pay more for insurance because insurers believe married drivers take fewer risks when driving.
Credit score - financially responsible car owners get better rates than drivers with low credit scores or poor credit histories.
These are the most important factors, but there are even more variables at play. You may be able to find out which factors a particular insurer uses by asking them. However, asking insurance agents may be not the best source of information. They simply enter information into the program and rates are calculated automatically.
Things To Consider
With a general understanding of how rates are calculated, you are ready to begin comparing car insurance quotes. There are several aspects of the quotes you need to consider to find the best deal:
Final Price - rates are only a portion of the total picture. There are extra fees and deductibles to consider as well. If everything is comparable, choose the policy with lower deductibles so you have less money you will be required to pay out of your own pocket.
Coverage Extent - as long as the type of coverage is the same, review the maximum coverage included in each quote and choose the policy with higher policy limits.
Things Not Included - knowing what a policy does not cover is just as important as what it does. If a particular policy has more exclusions than the other but comes at the same cost, it's obvious that you need to choose the one with more coverage included.
Your budget should always be the main context for reviewing car insurance quotes. The main goal is to find a policy that offers good coverage at a reasonable rate. Stop looking for the cheapest policy unless that is all your budget will allow. Remember, you can get car insurance quotes any time you want to make changes to your coverage, get a new one, or switch providers.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Car insurance quotes as influence by vehicle type

There is a multitude of factors both direct and indirect that affect car insurance quotes are. Such variables as age, sex, marital status, driving record and place of residence will have a strong influence on the average level of quotes a driver will get when quoting. But it would be wrong to forget the role of the car itself in the process, since it's the very thing that is being insured.
There's a certain tendency for different car types to get quotes within a specific range due to the combination of factors intrinsic for the actual type. And it's crucial to understand the impact of different car types in terms of insurance and understand why they tend to garner car insurance quotes within a certain range:
Entry level
Entry level compact cars are usually the most convenient when it comes to driving around in a city with heavy traffic. Besides, they are very cheap and fuel efficient due to the small engine volume. But their size and the usual practice of fitting them with minimum safety features make such vehicles rather dangerous during accidents, causing a great deal of damage and injury to people inside of the car. As a result many entry level vehicles can get very hefty car insurance quotes due to their inferior passenger safety.
Medium class
Common medium class vehicles usually carry more advanced safety features while being very cost effective. Thanks to the larger size and mass they can withstand a serious impact with less damage and injuries. That's why such cars are regarded as optimal in terms of insurance costs. But there's also a huge variety of models in this popular vehicle class you can get a very serious fluctuation in car insurance quotes depending on the exact car you're trying to insure.
Large vehicles
Trucks, vans and SUVs are one of the safest car types you can buy. Their size and mass makes such vehicles safer for the people inside in case of a crash. But when you look at the liability costs their increased size is actually doing them a very bad favor - such cars tend to cause more damage to other cars and infrastructure. That is the reason why large cars usually cost more to insure since insurers have to deal with more expensive liability payouts associated with such cars.
Executive class
Executive class vehicles may look like ordinary sedans but they are a totally different breed when it comes to actual performance. These more expensive cars usually carry top-notch safety features while their performance during crush tests is at least higher than average. Yet again, they may require very expensive repair parts, which may push their insurance costs quote high. Still, if you shop around, such cars can actually deliver very affordable car insurance quotes.
Luxury vehicles
While luxurious cars can be rather safe and secure, the use of exclusive materials and very expensive repair costs make them a rather expensive type in terms of insurance. But this is certainly the type of car that makes insurance costs irrelevant.
Performance class
Most men dream about sports and muscle cars but they can turn into a nightmare when it comes to insuring them. Because such vehicles are made for power and speed they are traditionally driven in an aggressive manner. And insurance companies don't like aggressive driving at all. That is why you will usually get rather expensive car insurance quotes when trying to insure a fast and powerful vehicle.
Retro vehicles
Retro vehicles usually prove to be very expensive to insure due to several reasons. The scarcity of repair parts, which are no longer manufactured, and limited access to competent repair specialists means that such cars are rather costly to insure. But who ever said that classic cars are cheap in the first place?

Uder-Based Coverage and Auto Insurance Quotes

The majority of customers see the traditional approach to insurance pricing using auto insurance quotes as rather redundant. The principle based on indirect variables for assessing the risk of getting a claim can sure be unnerving for many customers who are bound to deal with more expensive insurance just because their income is not high enough, they are single or live in the wrong neighborhood.
And the question is if there are any alternatives to the traditional auto insurance quotes or we are all forced to comply with this redundant pricing policy employed by insurance company. Fortunately, there is one - pay-as-you-drive coverage.
The principles
The essence behind this type of insurance is quite simple really and has been around for many years. First, the insurance company requires you to install a small device that tracks down your driving performance. Insurers stress out that they deliberately exclude the GPS tracking feature so the actual location of the car cannot be tracked. Then they gather a lot of data from your car - vehicle usage, distance driven, acceleration and deceleration patterns, speed charts and so on. After analyzing all this information the insurer has a very clear and almost real-time picture of how risky the driver actually is without using any indirect factors such as credit rating, age or marital status. This little device shows exactly how good of a driver someone is, and if they are good enough they usually receive a substantial discount off their basic premium.
The cons
Eventually, user-based coverage seems like a more democratic and objective variation of insurance pricing. It's more flexible and advanced than traditional auto insurance quotes as it gives a very clear picture of your driving abilities and habits. However, that's actually where the main drawback may be nested for some drivers. Naturally, most of us are good drivers in the sense that we don't break traffic rules on a daily basis and aren't very aggressive on the road. But if you drive aggressively and you don't care about rules getting such a device would certainly be a bad idea since the insurer will learn how exactly you tend to drive and will charge you with a very hefty premium if he finds it unsatisfactory.
And there's also the question of privacy, which seems to be a sensitive topic these days. Carrying a monitoring device in your car, even if it is claimed to lack a GPS targeting function, can make just anyone paranoid. That's the reason why the big insurers actually have a limited time period for their user-based policies - making clients drive under constant monitoring can make them nervous.
The conclusion
The final conclusion on pay-as-you-drive coverage is quite simple: if you can get it and consider yourself to be a decent driver then get it. It is one of the simplest ways to save on auto insurance these days and can be more effective then comparing auto insurance quotes.
Nevertheless, if you don't pay too much attention to traffic rules, going with this option may actually be a bad choice since it will drive your premiums up and the insurer will know of your risky behavior since then. However, it's never too late to learn how to drive properly and safely, and this monitoring device may actually be a very effective impulse for making the effort.

Cheap Car Insurance Guidance

Most of the US citizens do not live in an area that has good public transportation. For many Americans this implies their family vehicle is their main way of getting somewhere. Car insurance is therefore a necessity in many households, and for some can get rather expensive. Getting insurance for a single driver might not be that bad, but in case of most families there are at least two adults - plus any teenaged drivers in the house, which cost more than adults to insure - as well as multiple vehicles. This can add up quickly.
The kind of insurance policies and terms they use can get frustrating for someone who is not familiar with it, and this can lead some buyers to purchase the first thing they come across rather than take the time to find a good deal. Fortunately, cheap car insurance is both easy to find and easy to understand.
First and foremost, when shopping for cheap car insurance, it is important to do research and shop around. Your premium is going to differ depending on the car insurance company you use. In case you choose the first insurer you come across, you do not know if they are offering you a high premium, a low premium, or an average premium. The only way to know you are getting a good deal is by shopping around.
Make sure to get as many car insurance quotes as you can from known insurers. You can ask around for recommendations from friends and family or look online for reviews from customers. The vast majority of insurers these days have websites that offer free quotes. You can do all of this from the comfort of your living room, and it only takes a few minutes at each website.
After doing that you should look at the type of car you drive. This is one factor that greatly contributes to how much you pay. In case you're actually looking for a new vehicle, research how much insurance costs and try to pick one that is cheaper to insure. If you already own a car, look into updating its safety and security features in order to get a discount on your insurance.
Then there's also the importance of understanding the coverage available and what you need. You have to be aware of your state's minimum coverage, and research what goes beyond that minimum. It might seem tempting to just go with the minimum in order to save money, but if you are not adequately insured you can easily owe thousands of dollars in a car accident. Getting a policy with a higher premium is a smart decision and will save you money if you are in an accident. The age and condition of your vehicle will be the main determinant of how much car insurance you need.
So in the end, it's pretty easy to find cheap car insurance. Once you've found a few companies that you are interested in, make sure to ask about all the discounts they offer in order to save even more!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Learn to save even on vintage car insurance

Owning a vintage car is a great source of pride and a way to distinct oneself from the ordinary car owners by having a vehicle that is part of the automobile history. The number of vintage car enthusiasts is growing all over the world, but it seems that the USA is one of the main centers of this fascination. Old cars are being dug out of garages and scrapyards, invested huge amounts of money in and taken back on the road regardless the cost. And while their owners are definitely happy at first, the question of insurance becomes rather apparent very soon, casting a sobering shadow over the prospect of owning a vintage car. So what are the usual car insurance quotes for vintage vehicles?
The cost of insurance
Before you start comparing car insurance quotes and getting surprised with the enormous prices for vintage vehicles, you have to understand the pricing mechanisms involved. A huge part of the costs the insurance companies deal with is made up of repair costs resulting from various accidents. And it's obvious that the average car insurance quotes for a particular car model will depend on its average repair costs. Modern mass-produced cars have very different repair costs on their own, but they don't stand a chance when you compare them to a car that was last produced several decades ago with a scarcity of car parts verging on collecting. Imagine the costs implied with repairing such a car - the insurer will have to literally search for the repair part among car enthusiasts and also find a mechanic who will be able to make the fix. Now you can probably see why vintage cars are so expensive to insure.
Available options
There are two main options for vintage car owners to think about when it comes to insuring their beloved vehicle. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages to consider. But one thing you have to bear in mind is that either way you won't be able to get low car insurance quotes, not with a vintage or a classic vehicle. So if that's your primary goal - just find a modern car model that is cheap to insure right from the start. If not, here are your options:
Traditional providers: ordinary car insurance companies that provide car insurance quotes for modern-day cars will usually offer coverage for vintage cars as well, although some may refuse right away. If they do provide you with coverage it will usually be offered through a specialized policy that will have many restrictions and special provisions. Besides, the car is likely to go through an appraisal to determine its actual collectible value and respective amount of coverage. But in many cases traditional companies may simply lack contacts with specialized car mechanics that are qualified in repairing vintage cars, leaving the repairs to ordinary shops and mechanics. Needless to say, the quality of repairs in such case is usually inferior.
Specialized providers: some vintage car enthusiast clubs in different parts of the country have partially grown into specialized insurance companies aimed exactly at vintage car owners. Being comprised by enthusiasts themselves the level of customer support is obviously very high as you will be able to communicate with people who share the same needs. And it will always be easier to find the missing part or a good mechanic to make the authentic fix. However, this sense of community usually comes at a higher price since the market of vintage vehicles is much smaller than of ordinary cars and respectively there are fewer people to distribute the costs among.
Choosing the lesser evil
Now, choosing between the two options is definitely a question of personal preference and needs. If you need just a formal policy to keep the car insured and don't want to deal with very expensive car insurance quotes then a traditional insurance provider will surely meet your needs. But if you want the best thing your money can buy and value quality over price then it's better to go with a specialized insurance company. Yet again, it also depends on the availability of these options in your particular area.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Good Drivers and Cheap Car Insurance

Finding affordable car insurance is at the top everyone's list. Good drivers are in an ideal position to get insurance at the lowest rates possible. There are many ways good drivers benefit from clean driving records. When looking for cheap auto insurance quotes, there are several points to consider.
Discounts are Automatic
During the quotes application process, you will be asked whether or not you have been involved in accidents or received tickets for driving violations. Quotes are created based on your responses. You automatically receive good driver discounts from the major insurers based. Your driving record is the most important factor used by auto insurance companies as it pertains to measuring the amount of risk you pose to them.
Insurance companies will verify your information once you make a full application to them after comparing quotes. You may find that you get a larger discount based on their verification. Drivers that have never received a ticket, been involved in accident, or filed a claim have an advantage over other drivers. Their reward is significantly lower premiums.
Amount of Discounts
While each insurance company has its own discount rates and incentives structure, most range from 10%-20%. Depending on the type of vehicle you own and where you live, a 20% discount can mean hundreds of dollars in savings every year. And this can easily add up to thousands of dollars over several years if you are able to maintain your good driver status during that time.
If you have a long standing record of safe driving, you should seek the highest discount available to good drivers even if this means switching insurers. If you like your current insurance provider, see if they will match their competitor's rates in order to keep you as a customer. Competition is fierce in the insurance industry and most insurance providers want to keep customers as long as possible.
Qualifying for Discount Auto Insurance
Every insurance company has its own definition of who qualifies for a good driver discount. For some, safe driving status may be attained after three consecutive years of avoiding accidents and tickets. Others require many more years of spotless driving records before they award the discount. Certain insurers specifically consider at-fault accidents, traffic violations, and DUI or other reckless driving behavior when assigning good driver discounts.
Any black mark on your driving record basically starts the qualifying clock over. It can take years for insurance companies to overlook a serious violation. Do not make the mistake of assuming that an insurance company that offers accident forgiveness will give you a good driver discount. Take the time to talk to the insurance company about how the two discount programs work together so you know exactly what to expect.
Good drivers find it easier than other drivers to get low car insurance rates. A spotless driving record is not difficult to maintain if you follow the rules of the road. Safety is the top priority of insurance companies, and they are willing to reward safe drivers. If you are a good driver, apply for cheapest car insurance today!