Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Good Drivers and Cheap Car Insurance

Finding affordable car insurance is at the top everyone's list. Good drivers are in an ideal position to get insurance at the lowest rates possible. There are many ways good drivers benefit from clean driving records. When looking for cheap auto insurance quotes, there are several points to consider.
Discounts are Automatic
During the quotes application process, you will be asked whether or not you have been involved in accidents or received tickets for driving violations. Quotes are created based on your responses. You automatically receive good driver discounts from the major insurers based. Your driving record is the most important factor used by auto insurance companies as it pertains to measuring the amount of risk you pose to them.
Insurance companies will verify your information once you make a full application to them after comparing quotes. You may find that you get a larger discount based on their verification. Drivers that have never received a ticket, been involved in accident, or filed a claim have an advantage over other drivers. Their reward is significantly lower premiums.
Amount of Discounts
While each insurance company has its own discount rates and incentives structure, most range from 10%-20%. Depending on the type of vehicle you own and where you live, a 20% discount can mean hundreds of dollars in savings every year. And this can easily add up to thousands of dollars over several years if you are able to maintain your good driver status during that time.
If you have a long standing record of safe driving, you should seek the highest discount available to good drivers even if this means switching insurers. If you like your current insurance provider, see if they will match their competitor's rates in order to keep you as a customer. Competition is fierce in the insurance industry and most insurance providers want to keep customers as long as possible.
Qualifying for Discount Auto Insurance
Every insurance company has its own definition of who qualifies for a good driver discount. For some, safe driving status may be attained after three consecutive years of avoiding accidents and tickets. Others require many more years of spotless driving records before they award the discount. Certain insurers specifically consider at-fault accidents, traffic violations, and DUI or other reckless driving behavior when assigning good driver discounts.
Any black mark on your driving record basically starts the qualifying clock over. It can take years for insurance companies to overlook a serious violation. Do not make the mistake of assuming that an insurance company that offers accident forgiveness will give you a good driver discount. Take the time to talk to the insurance company about how the two discount programs work together so you know exactly what to expect.
Good drivers find it easier than other drivers to get low car insurance rates. A spotless driving record is not difficult to maintain if you follow the rules of the road. Safety is the top priority of insurance companies, and they are willing to reward safe drivers. If you are a good driver, apply for cheapest car insurance today!